Malawi Celebrates with Other African Countries on the Renewal of AGOA

President Barack Obama has signed into law the much awaited Bill renewing the African Growth Opportunity Act (AGOA). On Thursday last week, the US Congress passed the Bill renewing the 15-year-old AGOA that allows made-in-Africa goods to enter into the U.S. duty-free. Congress renewed the law for another 10 years.

The African Growth and Opportunity Act, due to expire at the end of September, gives sub-Saharan African nations duty-free access to U.S. markets for certain goods such as textiles.

AGOA has had a considerable impact on sub-Saharan Africa’s clothing industry and is a key part of the reason why textile plants have sprung up across the continent. It also explains why the trousers shirts and other apparel Americans buy at Walmart are increasingly from African countries. African automotive and petroleum industries have also greatly benefited from AGOA. African countries, including Malawi, are seeking greater coverage of their products by AGOA. The aim of AGOA is to stimulate and promote access to the American market for African products through which access African countries can grow industrially and economically, providing jobs to and improving the welfare of people on the continent. It also helps in job creation in the US.

Malawi is one of the beneficiaries of AGOA. But businesses in Malawi have historically not been able to take full advantage of it for various reasons.

The Malawi Embassy in Washington DC urges Malawian and US businesses to take full advantage of the renewal of AGOA. The Embassy is available to assist in identifying trade opportunities under AGOA and be able to advise and facilitate trade between Malawi and the US.  The Embassy is encouraging businesses in Malawi and the US to contact the Malawi Embassy for any information and advice on AGOA and the export of Malawian products to the US. The US Embassy in Lilongwe would also be on hand to provide information and advice.

The Malawi Embassy wishes to commend the efforts of the African Ambassadors Group in Washington DC for tenaciously and in unity lobbying for the renewal of AGOA. The Embassy also wishes to thank our partners in the US House of Representatives, Senate, the White House, various US Government Departments, NGOs and businesses for their support for the renewal of AGOA, without which AGOA would not have been renewed.



Mercy  P. Tahuna

Second Secretary(Communication)

Embassy of the Republic of Malawi
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Washington, D.C. 20008
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