The Embassy on March 7, 2016, hosted a group of students from Michigan State University who are part of a MasterCard Foundation Scholarship program.

The MasterCard Foundation has partnered with Michigan State University to provide full tuition scholarships to undergraduate and Masters Students from Sub-Saharan Africa.

The Partnership to Cut Hunger and Poverty in Africa, annually hosts them in conjunction with one African Embassy for a panel discussion. Other African Embassies are also invited to have a conversation on strengthening Africa’s education and capacity building.

Ambassador Necton Mhura welcomed all visitors, and in his speech stressed the importance of higher education in Malawi and the country’s commitments to develop the education sector and jobs for the youth. He also emphasized the difference education and skills training makes to Malawi’s economy. Ambassador Mhura also encouraged the Michigan State University MasterCard Foundation scholars to be great “ambassadors of Africa” wherever they serve and to help build greater human capital through networking with others on the continent.

Mr. Montague Demment, Associate Vice President for International Programs at the Association of Public Land Grant Universities, Mr. Demba Ba, Senior Advisor, Middle East and North Africa Division, World Bank, and Mima Nedelcovych, President and CEO of Initiative for Global Development formed part of the panel discussion.

Ms. Laura Wise of Michigan State University talked about the MSU/MCF Scholarship program, objectives and accomplishments so far. She also introduced the students, among whom were two Malawian graduate students, Anissa Chitwanga and Aaron Chikakuda.

Also present at this event were ambassadors from Zimbabwe, Burundi, Uganda, Mauritius, and the Charge’ de Affaires of the African Union.


Dr. Daniel Karanja, Executive Director of Partnership to Cut Hunger and Poverty in Africa, was the moderator at the event.