The Embassy of Malawi in Washington D.C on 2nd July, 2016 participated in the 52nd Independence Anniversary Celebrations.  These Celebrations were organized by the Malawi Community USA, (MACOUSA), Malawi Washington Association (MWA) in collaboration with other Malawian communities in the USA, such as Malawians in Texas Organization (MITO) and Malawians in the Tri-State Area of New York, New Jersey and Connecticut.


The event took the form of the traditional panel discussion where issues of concern and interest to Malawians were discussed.  These included an update by Ambassador Necton Mhura on the Diaspora Policy, dual citizenship, and the strategy put in place by the Government of Malawi on the protecting persons with albinism.  Also included in the panel discussion were issues on disaster response plan from the US Diaspora, fundraising for girls education and empowerment, strengthening Malawian Associations in the USA and culture.  The panelists on the various topics included Mr. Jeff Thindwa, Mr Peter Kapakasa, Ms. Sitinga Kachipande (President of MWA), Dr. Linda Semu (President of Malawi Washington Foundation), Mr. Felix Lindeire, Mr. Ken Malomboza, Mr. Edgar Kachere and Mr. Davis Njobvu.


In the evening there were celebrations in the form of a get-together.  This was graced by the performance by the legendary Giddes Chalamanda. Edgar and Davis also performed alongside Giddes Chalamanda.    Also on stage were Patience Namadingo, Maskal and Third Eye (Mandela Mwanza, a YALI student currently in the US).  The event was well patronized and well–received.


Ambassador Necton Mhura delivered this year’s Independence Anniversary message centering on the theme: “Patriotism, Hard Work and Integrity: Towards a More Prosperous Malawi”.


The Ambassador said that Malawians were historically known to be patriotic, hardworking and full of integrity.  He stated that the call to arms on patriotism, hard work and integrity by His Excellency the President, Professor Arthur Peter Mutharika recognizes that Malawi has some challenges in these areas.  Hence this year’s theme.


The Ambassador however, said that he believed that the Malawians in the US have integrity and they work hard.   That was why most of them have been successful: for, without integrity and hard work, one cannot succeed in the USA.  On patriotism the Ambassador said that Malawians in the US have often demonstrated patriotism by linking hands across this vast country to assist Malawians in times of need.  Indeed the fact that this year’s Independence Anniversary Celebrations and others before were entirely organized by Malawians is testimony of such patriotism.


The Ambassador urged the Malawians in the US diaspora to circle back to Malawi to assist with the challenges of hard work, integrity and patriotism-values they themselves have.  He reiterated that this is one of the reasons the Government of Malawi is finalizing the Diaspora Policy to encourage Malawians to contribute to the well-being of Malawians back home.


The Ambassador welcomed the musicians visiting from Malawi, particularly Giddes Chalamanda and Edgar ndi Davis.  He said that the Embassy and Malawians in the Washington DC, Maryland and Virginia (DMV) were especially happy and privileged to be the first ones to participate in the realization of Giddes Chalamanda’s dream of coming to America.


The Ambassador thanked Edgar Kachere and Davis Njobvu for making the dream come true.  He also thanked the many people in Malawi and the US who made this trip for Giddes Chalamanda a reality.


The Embassy also participated in the family picnic on Sunday 3rd July, part of this year’s Independence Anniversary Celebrations.