His Excellency Ambassador Edward Y Sawerengera visited the state of Nebraska in the United States of America on 27th April, 2017 , to meet with Dr. Michael Chipps President and board members of North East community college, Norfolk city, in order to engage in discussion of a possible partnership between NE College and communities colleges and universities in Malawi.

In his keynote the  Ambassador stressed on the need for introduction of more community colleges in Malawi in order to curb the large number of students and youths that fail to pursuit tertiary education due to the lack of enough Higher learning institutions, teachers, materials such as books, computers, huge gap between teacher student ration and resources in Malawi.

The team discussed about the possibilities of how they can  work together and cooperate in the education sectors, such as exchange programs between students and teachers, E- learning, and training programs among others between NE Community College and Community colleges and universities in Malawi

The Ambassador was given a tour of the college, were he visited the hostels, nursing, engineering, agricultural departments and also learnt of how the college fundraises money in order to maintain the college and also  got the opportunity to see some of the works done by the students in the in the different sectors of the college like Agriculture where they host flower shows during the school year , the engineering students have made huge storage cooling fridges, air conditioning systems, electrical meters, first year civil engineering students design a plan for a house, which is later   build and complete by the second year students  and later the house is auctioned and sold to the community.