Malawi “the warm heart of Africa” beckons you to make it a must destination in your lifetime. E.F Schumacher famously claimed, small is beautiful this could not be more true for Malawi, carefully tucked away between Tanzania, Mozambique and Zambia this gem of Africa is rich in culture, magnificent scenery and the breath taking lake which made Victorian England’s hero Doctor David Livingstone crown his beloved and challenging discovery the ‘Lake of Stars’.

Malawi is truly an African romance, whether you would like to have an adventurous backpacking experience or a pampered holiday to remember, Malawi has everything because it caters to your needs. The perfect beach allows your eyes to feast on the wider wonder of turquoise water, blue sky and a distant shoreline of misty mountains. The uplands give way to dramatic inselbergs and spectacular highlands- the Mulanje massif, the highest mountain in central Africa and Zomba Mountain in the southern region of the country. Northwards are the enchanting afforested Viphya plateau and the superb rolling grasslands of the Nyika.